Download the case study to learn how a Phenom desktop SEM saves time and controls quality

Discover How GMSI Advanced Their Materials Development with a Desktop SEM

Is it true that as a lab operator, you work under constant time pressure? Do you find it challenging to deliver output quickly, while maintaining a high standard of quality? Then it is good to know that desktop SEM can help you with that challenge.

But we do not want you to take our word for it. We would rather let a real user elaborate on the applications. One of those users is our customer Peter Guercio, President of Graphite Machining Services & Innovations (GMSI).

In this case study, Peter explains how:

  • GMSI speeded up their working process with a Phenom ProX EDS on site
  • The company no longer needs to send samples out for testing and wait for results
  • The Phenom ProX proved to be a huge time-saver, and greatly benefitted their quality-control

Moreover: it brought GMSI’s latest product release to market 8x faster than before.

Read all about the use of a desktop SEM with EDS and how it can help you work faster.