Forensics compendium

Crime and forensic labs need to confidently identify samples; whether they’re opioids, paint chips or suspicious documents. If your lab is consumed by the opioid crisis or busy identifying a back log of crime scene evidence the right analytical tool can help move cases from investigate to solve.

In this 7 application note compendium we show how to identify samples, what technique was used and why. This compendium primarily showcases FTIR and Raman spectroscopies as they provide the most information, quickly in a non-destructive way. In combination with spectral libraries and accessories your lab can examine practically any sample.

Compendium includes:

  • Analyzing Inks and Toners with FTIR Microscopy
  • Distinguishing Isomers of Fentanyl Analogs using FT-Raman
  • Bath Salts and Cannabinoids Analyzed by GC-IR
  • FT-Raman: An Invaluable addition to the Forensic Arsenal to Combat Opioid Epidemic
  • Analyzing Automotive Paints with Extended Range ATR
  • FTIR Microspectroscopy in Forensic and Crime Lab Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis of Paper Currency with FTIR Microscopy