In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about the flexibility of a standalone Raman spectrometer that can also be used as a powerful Raman "engine” for integration with other analytical tools. With performance comparable to research-grade laboratory Raman spectrometers, this instrument is suitable for your demanding research, product development, and manufacturing needs. Lastly, there is a live demonstration of the spectrometer and its usability.

Learn how the usability and customizability of the research-grade compact Thermo Scientific™ DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer can meet your specific Raman analysis needs. When used as a standalone Raman spectrometer or integrated with another analytical tool, the DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer can:

  • Easily achieve Raman analysis in standalone mode by using accessories, such as optical fiber probes, a macro sampling compartment, a micro stage, and many more.
  • Couple with other equipment in any position through its open architecture design, eliminating the need for multiple measurements and assumptions.
  • Be integrated in rheology, hot melt extrusion, and lab and manufacturing scale processing.

Who should watch the on-demand webinar? Researchers and scientists in any of these disciplines: 

  • R&D 
  • Forensics 
  • Art and archaeology 
  • QA/QC 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Process development 
DXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer

About the speakers:

Dr. Sudhir Dahal is Product Manager of research Raman products at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Products include Raman microscopes and benchtop Raman spectrometers. He has worked with several spectroscopy techniques in the industry for over 8 years. He has a PhD from University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), where he researched and collaborated on developing novel spectroscopy-based techniques for brain tumor cell detection. 

Sudhir Dahal

Dr. Matt Gabel is a Raman Application Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He graduated from Washington State University with a Ph.D. in physics, studying the ferroelectric properties of semiconductors. He became deeply involved in vibrational spectroscopy while working as a visiting researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory studying semiconductors with tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. 

Matt Gabel

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