Lumis detector image

Looking to add EBSD to your SEM? Look no further.
The new Lumis EBSD detector excels in resolution, sensitivity and speed for the ultimate crystallography and microstructural measurements on scanning electron microscopes.

Looking to replace your existing EBSD?
The new Lumis EBSD detector incorporates the latest CMOS sensor technology, advanced optics and uses new indexing algorithms for the analysis of electron backscatter patterns (EBSPs) at 10 pA and below.

Looking for EBSD on a budget?
Our latest Quasor II EBSD detector features new CMOS sensor technology, lens and phosphor improvements, and optimized pattern indexing for great EBSD analysis. Like the Lumis detector, the Quasor II is fully integrated with our Pathfinder software for correlative EDS/WDS and EBSD.

 Lumis EBSD detectorQuasor II EBSD detector
Camera TypeHigh sensitivity CMOSHigh sensitivity CMOS
Camera Dwell Time0.1 millisecond to 5 seconds0.1 millisecond to 5 seconds
Collection Speed2000 frames per second600 frames per second
Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels (>2.2 megapixels)640 x 480 (>0.3 megapixels)
Camera BinningUp to 4X4 + 16x optical zoomUp to 2X2
Signal-to-noise Ratio45 dB (typical)45 dB (typical)
Quantum Efficiency70% (typical)70% (typical)
Dark Noise~7e-~7e-
Dynamic Range~74dB~74dB
Electron Image AcquisitionUp to 4096 x 4096 pixels at 1 ms dwell timeUp to 64 x 64 pixels at 1 ms dwell time

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