UV-curable materials

UV-curable materials are widely used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, potting compounds, and inks, which are used in various industries such as automotive, 3D printing, medical, and electronics.

Investigation of UV-light-curing adhesives

We invite you to view an on-demand webinar in which experts from DELO Industrial Adhesives share their knowledge about UV-light-curing adhesives and their curing mechanism. An important factor for reliable light-curing processes is the use of powerful LED lamps. We will show you the advantages of this lamp type and give examples of bonding applications they enable. In addition, an Application Specialist from Thermo Fisher Scientific will introduce you to rheological measuring methods for investigating material properties of UV-light-curing adhesives before, during, and after curing.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • How to identify different types of UV-light-curing adhesives and their properties
  • The benefits of LED compared to discharge lamps
  • How curing behavior and shrinkage can be investigated using rheology
Markus Willemeit, Lecturer DELO Academy / Testing Engineer

After graduating as an engineer in applied chemistry in 2008, the main focus of Markus’ work prior to joining DELO was developing testing methods and chemical tools. Since 2018, he has taught in the DELO Academy, sharing his knowledge of adhesive technology with customers and employees. As a test engineer in DELO Engineering, he is developing application-oriented testing methods that are used to help our customers find the right adhesive and the optimal process to apply it.

Michael Buchner, Testing Engineer, DELO

After graduating as a process engineer in 2017, Michael started his career as a test engineer at DELO in the area of ​​equipment and process development. As a test engineer, he works on various adhesive application processes (printing, dispensing, jetting) and curing setups using (UV) light sources to help customers find the right process for their needs.

Philipp Beutler, Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

After finishing his master’s degree in material science and technology, Philipp joined Thermo Fisher Scientific as an application specialist for rheology. In this role, he provides both application support for our rheometers and viscometers and training on applied rheology.

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