Discover how to expand your role as a system administrator. Whether you are a newly converted person of responsibility, trying to enhance your systems for the first time, or have coordinated hundreds of system migrations, there is no one stage or experience that is the same as another. For those in regulated industry you tangentially understand that file security and data integrity hinge on your efforts to reduce the risk to your systems. Growing a system in increments is possible with the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) and at each stage we have worked to reduce effort for the three main responsibilities for an administrator:

  • Security Management
  • Record Management
  • System Management

System administration is challenging and pulling pieces of various software together can be like managing a jigsaw puzzle. Regardless of which sections of your puzzle you want to work on, Thermo Fisher Scientific can support your quest to slim down your hands-on responsibilities, reduce the risk to your data integrity, and help you move your digital transformation forward with our resources, support teams, and cutting-edge product line.

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