Industrial Gas Analysis

Ultra-fast analysis with ultra-low detection limits

The Thermo Scientific™ MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer has been engineered to meet the most demanding standards for in-line process, batch sampling, gas purity/certification, emissions testing, and ambient air monitoring. 

Combined with Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™ Optical Enhancement Technology, the system – optically enhanced FTIR or OE-FTIR – is extremely powerful. It enables users to achieve single-digit ppb detection limits for many applications. For ultra-high purity bulk gas applications, the detection limits can be reduced to mid ppt, making the MAX-iR Analyzer one of the most sensitive FTIR gas analyzers ever produced.

With ultra-fast analysis and ultra-low detection limits, the MAX-iR FTIR gas analyzer provides a winning alternative to slower, more costly traditional techniques such as gas chromatography (GC).

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Thermo Scientific MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer

How the MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer works

The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer achieves such sensitive real-time analysis with key design features: 

  • A compact, rugged, high throughput interferometer.
  • 24-bit analog to digital (ADC) integrated detector modules that allow for exceptional signal-to-noise ratio without liquid nitrogen cooling.
  • A long-life vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) diode and a silicon carbide (SiC) IR source that provide longevity and reliability.
  • Integrated temperature and pressure sensors for increased precision in demanding certification applications.
  • Dual level vibrational dampening for operation in challenging field environments.

Industrial gas analysis by new OE-FTIR technology

This 2+ minute video introduces the MAX-iR systems and optically enhanced FTIR (OE-FTIR) technology for fast, sensitive gas analysis in industrial environments. It's a more efficient alternative to traditional GC-based gas analysis systems.

OE-FTIR Software and technology

Thermo Scientific MAX-Acquisition Automation Software

MAX-Analytical Software Suite

The MAX-iR Analyzer is controlled by high-performance Thermo Scientific™ MAX-Analytical™ STANDARD Software Suite specifically developed for real-time process and CEM environments. Fully automated method control, DCS data output, alarm controls, remote access, and reporting tools are all designed to maximize productivity without human interaction.  

Optional Thermo Scientific™ MAX-Analytical™ Advanced Software is also available. With the Advanced Software package, users have access to all the features available in the Standard Software package with the addition of the MAX Gas Reference Editor, which enables power users to create their own spectral libraries. The MAX Gas Reference Editor is only available in the Advanced Software package and allows users to easily build calibration curves, attach traceability documentation, refine reference spectra by subtracting interferences or correcting baselines, and define primary & secondary quantification regions.

StarBoost Optical Enhancement Technology

Breakthrough StarBoost Technology enables commercial FTIR gas analysis that dramatically increases sensitivity, linearity and dynamic range over narrow spectral bands of interest. It utilizes specialized optics, electronics and analysis algorithms to go beyond traditional FTIR gas analysis capabilities.

This enhancement technology, proven in demanding applications such as ethylene oxide and formaldehyde measurement, provides source testers with a new level of on-location, real-time analytical capability. It can be supplied as a turnkey add-on to the MAX-iR Gas Analyzer and is compliant with several regulatory methods including US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method 320 and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D6348.  

Industrial gas analysis applications

The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer easily goes from being a stand-alone instrument to a fully automated solution when it is combined with standard, application-specific multi-channel gas handling panels.

Industrial process applications

Gas analysis for industrial process applications

Industrial process applications from in-process monitoring to end-product quality assurance can benefit from the MAX-iR analyzers’ ability to detect down to single-digit ppb while simultaneously measuring for impurities in real-time. For non-IR active compounds, additional technologies such as mass spectrometry or individual compound sensors can be provided. 

System-level solutions with the MAX-iR Gas Analyzer go well beyond the typical “components in a rack” setup. Each product is developed from the ground up utilizing specially designed multi-channel gas handling, a variety of enclosure options, and MAX-Acquisition Automation Software that integrates communications between the factory and any linked computers. Each system is optimized using proprietary methods to ensure optimal detection limits and elimination of interferences on day one of operation.

Key industries that can benefit from MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzers

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Air separation
  • Semiconductor
  • Beverage

OE-FTIR analyzer highlights for industrial gas analysis

  • Ppb-level detection
  • Fully automated measurement
  • Robust measurement in dirty environments
Ambient air applications

Gas analysis for ambient air applications

Measuring challenging compounds like ethylene oxide requires technology that avoids false alarms for benign interferences and meets standards from regulatory bodies such as the EPA and US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Successful ambient air monitoring requires the ability to discriminate target compounds down to single-digit ppb even in the presence of high concentrations of interferences, such as water, solvents and hydrocarbons.

The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer's powerful technology combined into a system-level package provides a robust, efficient ambient air continuous monitoring system built for the factory, not just the laboratory. The turnkey ambient air system provides near real-time results for up to 20 sequential sample channels. Whether tasked with monitoring throughout multiple rooms, around production equipment, or on the fence-line, you can get reliable 24/7 monitoring without the need for constant calibrations and costly upkeep.

Key ambient air analyses that can benefit from MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzers

  • Medical sterilization
  • Chemical manufacturing 
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Automotive production

OE-FTIR analyzer highlights for ambient air analysis

  • Single digit ppb detection
  • Zero drift stabilization
  • Fully automated measurement
  • StarBoost enhanced optical technology
Source emission applications

Gas analysis for source emissions applications

Whether you are running a small source testing business or looking to implement factory test methods globally, we have the FTIR solution to meet your needs. 

The fully automated Thermo Scientific EMS-10 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System provides fast, reliable continuous emissions monitoring without the need for calibrations or liquid nitrogen. Our source emission EMS-10 Continuous Emissions Monitoring System accepts StarBoost enhanced optical technology, providing single-digit ppb measurement of difficult-to-measure compounds such as formaldehyde and ethylene oxide.

With our in-depth application knowledge, we provide real-world solutions that have you up and running on day one. This includes support for installation, QA/QC, regulatory requirements, and data validation. We provide some of the most powerful hardware and software tools in the industry.

Key source emissions analyses that can benefit from MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzers

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Medical sterilization 
  • Source testing 
  • Semiconductor fabrication 
  • Gas-fired turbines
  • Cement manufacturing 
  • Automotive production

OE-FTIR analyzer highlights for source emissions analysis

  • Ppb-level detection 
  • Fully automated measurement
  • Robust measurement in dirty environments
  • Custom methods and applications support

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