On Demand Webinar: New capabilities in metals failure analysis and interface characterization

Modern cutting-edge metals in the construction, transportation, and infrastructure industries are increasingly engineered at the nanoscale to enhance their durability, reliability, and cost. Even traditional processes are now augmented with microscopic inspection to determine the resulting material’s elemental and structural composition. Electron microscopy continues to evolve to meet the exacting needs of the metals industries that make analysis not only more informative but also far more rapid. Adding a Focused Ion Beam to a Scanning Electron Microscope takes failure analysis and interface characterization into the third dimension.

In this webinar, we will present a comprehensive introduction to FIB SEM applications in metals analysis given through examples from a variety of industries:

  • Rapidly mill into the defect zone with the FIB and image the area of interest with the SEM
  • Make a series of FIB slices and see how a crack propagates in 3D through a turbine blade coating
  • Visualize changes in the microstructure across a weld in boiler steel plates
  • Find out what causes cracks in rail steel

Speaker biography

Herman Lemmens, Industrial Applications Manager

  • PhD in Physics (2001, University of Antwerpen, Belgium) using TEM to characterize phase transitions in ceramics
  • Joined FEI in 2007, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2016
  • Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Used Electron Microscopy to solve problems in alloy development, battery materials, reservoir rocks and failure analysis
  • Especially interested in multiscale, multimodal workflows

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