mRNA has emerged as a potentially powerful therapeutic class to treat many types of diseases. Unlike traditional biologics, mRNA must be encapsulated within lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) to protect it from degradation and to facilitate its delivery to targeted cells. Characterization of mRNA and LNPs presents unique challenges that require new technologies and solutions.

Access this toolkit to learn about innovative analytical solutions that cover a wide range of analytical needs, and to achieve confident characterization of an extensive list of critical quality attributes (CQAs) to meet regulatory requirements.

Topics covered in this toolkit include:

  • Direct mRNA sequence confirmation with reproducible and comprehensive sequence coverage
  • Confident characterization of mRNA 5’ capping efficiency and 3’ poly(A) distribution
  • Rapid optimization of mRNA impurity analysis
  • Simple and accurate LNP composition analysis
  • Platform method for LNP raw material and formulation characterization
  • Sensitive detection and monitoring of cationic lipids and metabolites


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