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How-to videos

Practical resources to help you optimize your pesticides analysis results.

Use accelerated solvent extraction for sample preparation

Improve results using QuEChERS sample preparation

Watch video instructions for using QuEChERS extraction with Thermo Scientific HyperSep Dispersive SPE Clean-up Tubes

Benefit from the Anionic Pesticides Explorer workflow

Improve your productivity with Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo HPLC and UHPLC systems

Identify unknown compounds faster with mass spectrometry; even when standards don't exist

Downloadable resources

On-demand webinars

Watch these educational webinars for a deeper dive into key aspects of pesticide residues testing that can help drive your success.

Multi-Class Pesticide Quantitation with a Comprehensive Workflow

GC-MS/MS-Based Multi-Residue Determination of Pesticides in Difficult Matrices

Ultra-Low Level Pesticide Residues Analysis using GC-MS/MS

Shifting the Paradigm in GC-MS Pesticide Analysis

Additional resources

Use the links below to download handbooks, white papers, application notes, and more, to help you meet the evolving challenges and regulations for rapid, accurate pesticide residues analysis.

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