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Technical Cleanliness

The continued innovation and improvement of manufactured components rely on the ability of manufacturers to create products quickly and reliably without sacrificing quality. With increasing standards of cleanliness, more thorough analyses of parts are required to ensure they meet these high expectations. Additionally, the surface cleanliness of components is critical for the adhesion of additional coatings and treatments, directly correlating to the final quality of the part. Cleanliness has been shown to correlate so closely to field failure rates that the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and the International Organization of Standards (ISO) developed comprehensive standards specifically for the characterization of the cleanliness of automotive components.

Cleanliness analysis

When producing parts for a demanding OEM, there are severe requirements imposed on the parts’ quality and cleanliness. Technical cleanliness analysis, in compliance with ISO16232 or VDA19, is a powerful tool that can prove the high standards of your manufacturing and return insights on how to further improve your workflow.

What will you learn in this webinar

  • How an SEM+EDX analysis of technical cleanliness filters works
  • Best practices for sample preparation, the types of results that can be extracted from the analysis, and their practical applications on the manufacturing floor
  • How to identify hard particles or conductive materials and highlight them in your report, to ultimately make a clear and unmistakable decision on whether your production is proceeding as expected or if you need to intervene to confidently avoid the production of faulty parts

On-demand webinar: Technical cleanliness analysis with a SEM: Why?

Speaker biography

Luigi Raspolini
Applications and Product Specialist Phenom Desktop SEM, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eindhoven, NL

Luigi has worked with some of the largest manufacturers of vehicle components, giving him a clear and complete view of manufacturing challenges. He learned that industrial manufacturing must comply with standards, but it still is, in many aspects, an artisanal process, and that every production facility requires refinements to their SOP.

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