Particle X Desktop SEM webinar

Several industries use standardized expressions of cleanliness in the detection of contamination in fuels, greases and oils, coolants, and hydraulic fluids. Detection and classification of these contaminants mitigates harmful scratching or blockages in gears, nozzles, and other spray mechanisms.

Additive manufacturing requires careful examination of feedstocks—particularly when recycled powders are used—to assure the integrity of printed materials and to maintain batch-to-batch consistency.

The Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ ParticleX TC and Phenom ParticleX AM Desktop SEMs provide the perfect platform for the routine inspection of materials when the identification and reporting of particle sizes, shapes, and elemental chemistry are critical to manufacturing operations.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Phenom ParticleX desktop SEMs are the ideal solution for:

  • ISO 16232 and VDA-19 Compliance for Technical Cleanliness
  • ISO 4406 and ISO 4407 for contamination of hydraulic fluids
  • Particle morphology for additive manufacturing feedstocks
  • Workflow examples for particle classifications and reporting

Who should attend?

  • QA/QC Technicians
  • Quality Managers
  • Process Engineers

Why should you watch?

  • If you currently outsource technical cleanliness reports, learn how Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEMs can save time and money.
  • If you currently use in-house lab services in which the SEM is in high demand, learn how Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEMs can reduce turnaround times.
  • Discover how Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEMs can help you gain a better understanding of the size, shape, or counts of particles.

Speaker biography

Alexander Bouman
Product Manager, Phenom Desktop SEM,­ Thermo Fisher Scientific

Alexander Bouman is Product Manager for Desktop SEM solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He has an MSc in Chemical Engineering, and his background is in product management in industrial lighting and Phenom Desktop SEM.

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