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The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pro(X) G6 Desktop SEM is a robust, versatile, and effortless desktop scanning electron microscope designed to expand the capabilities of research facilities. Its fool-proof sample preparation and handling produce unparalleled time to data. When compared to the more common tungsten filament electron sources, its CeB6 electron source is longer lasting with higher brightness. This newest generation offers fast, high-resolution imaging, and the ProX model also features an integrated energy dispersive X-ray diffraction (EDS) detector for elemental analysis.

Why should you attend?

  • Explore how you can do more research
  • Suitable for a versatile amount of applications
  • Effortless usage for everybody (in your team)

Who to attend:

  • Research Managers
  • Lab managers
  • Researchers

Speaker biography

Alexander Bouman
Product Manager, Phenom Desktop SEM,­ Thermo Fisher Scientific

Alexander Bouman is a Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific Phenom Desktop SEM. He has an MSc in Chemical Engineering, and his background is in product management in industrial lighting and Phenom desktop SEM.

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