Rapidly recognize the presence of protein aggregates using UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy

Protein aggregates can irreversibly form in solution through a number of processes and are common within unstable samples. The resulting lower concentration of non-aggregated materials can negatively impact pharmaceutical applications and can require further purification steps. Consequently, it is important to determine the extent to which a sample is aggregated early in the experiment. Typically, aggregates are identified using size exclusion chromatography. However, recovering the samples after this analysis is difficult and often time consuming.

In this webinar, Dr. Jennifer Empey, Thermo Fisher Scientific, demonstrates how to rapidly recognize the presence of protein aggregates using UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy, a non-destructive analysis technique.

Attend this webinar to learn:

• How to identify the presence of protein aggregates through UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy
• How to obtain a UV-Visible absorption spectrum of a turbid sample without interference from light scatter
• How to determine the concentration of non-aggregated and aggregated species

Who should attend:

• Scientists working in biopharma or pharma working with protein therapeutics
• Scientists interested in protein aggregation studies

Jennifer Empey

Dr. Jennifer Empey, Applications Scientist, UV-Vis Spectroscopy. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jennifer Empey has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific as an Applications Scientist since October, 2021 where she supports the Core UV-Visible instruments. Prior to this position, she received her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The Ohio State University where she used various spectroscopic techniques to study colloidal nanoparticles.

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