This PFAS toolkit provides knowledge from industry experts about the analytical workflows and innovations that will help advance testing for PFAS in water, soil and air. Discover new approaches to PFAS testing challenges and learn how a combination of automation, artificial intelligence and technology can improve productivity and confidence in your results.

Topics covered in this toolkit include:

  • Workflows and data processing solutions for robust PFAS analysis
  • Application notes detailing methods to meet regulatory requirements, including EPA Methods 533, 537.1, and Draft Method 1633
  • Videos and webinars from experts in PFAS analysis describing how they’ve approached their analytical challenges
  • Materials describing how combustion ion chromatography can be used as a screening method to estimate the concentration of adsorbable organic fluorine (AOF) in aqueous matrices
  • The latest on testing for PFAS in other matrices, such as soil and air


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