Display module manufacturing

For display manufacturers, improving display quality and light conversion efficiency while increasing yields and reducing production costs can be challenging. Achieving next-generation performance demands innovation in areas such as backplane technology and light-conversion efficiency. The ability to accomplish detailed failure analysis and measure critical dimensions is essential to enhancing yield and quality.

Metrology for display technology

Display architectures demand extreme precision in lateral and vertical structures, requiring high-accuracy metrology to measure backplane and light-emitting unit critical dimensions (CD). Defects due to particles, contamination, or process deviation can impair yield and quality, making detailed failure analysis essential. For new technologies, such as quantum dot, it’s important to understand the core-shell structure of nanoparticles.

Display manufacturing failure analysis and process improvement

This white paper explores the opportunities and challenges for display manufacturers, and solutions for failure analysis (FA), metrology, and advanced research and development (R&D) teams. Whether your focus is on optimizing mainstream technologies, resolving defects, or pursuing pathfinding developments, these will benefit from accurate fault isolation, detailed imaging, precise metrology, and advanced analysis.

Display technology white paper

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