Whether you are looking to develop processing parameters for hot melt extrusion or monitoring granulation drying with NIR, we provide the right tools for your development projects. Connect with one of our consults to get started with your next drug formulation project.


Spectroscopy for Drug Formulation:

Thermo Scientific near-infrared spectrometers provide a good understanding of the interactions between formulation characteristics and the extruder mechanisms that are critical to process efficiency. They can influence extruder screw speed and throughput rate for blend uniformity of the extrudate. NIR enables PAT and QbD processing monitoring on-line and in-line.

The Thermo Scientific DXR3 Raman spectroscopy platform brings a valued technique to drug formulation in identifying and verifying known component, impurities and changes in chemistry during processing. Raman imaging is an ideal technique to understand the distribution of components for homogeneity, particle size and content uniformity.

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