The Scientist Cryo-EM Poster

Scientific breakthroughs with cryo-electron microscopy.

Cryo-EM in virology, neuroscience, and cancer research

Dramatic improvements to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo‑EM) technology have led to an explosion of research using this technique in diverse research areas. As cryo-EM protein structures increase in resolution, scientists learn more about molecular interactions than ever before, revolutionizing therapeutic development in virology, neurology, cancer, and a range of other diseases. Cryo-EM has become the focus of attention for structure-based drug design as it reveals key insights into the function, structure, and molecular basis for disease-associated mutations.

In partnership with The Scientist, we have created a poster that celebrates the impact of this Nobel prize-winning technique in biomedical research. You can download the print-ready version by filling out the form below.