Maybridge Library

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  • HitDiscover: A ready to screen collection of 51,000 Maybridge Screening compounds
  • HitFinder: Compounds from the Maybridge Screening Collection using a clustering algorithm. All compounds fit Lipinski guidelines for "Drug-likeness".
  • HitCreator: 14,000 molecules representing the diversity of the entire 550,000 Maybridge Screening Collection
  • Fragment libraries: 30,000 chemical fragments that accelerate structure-based lead identification
  • Focused screening libraries: A collection of target-specified libraries of drug-like compounds, e.g., Protein-protein interaction, GCPR, Kinase
  • Building blocks: An off-the-shelf collection of hit-to-lead building blocks with medicinally important ring systems

For other specialty libraries or fragment collections, e.g., Antibacterial and antiviral, please contact us directly.


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