Follow the links below to learn more about how you can get started researching in the third dimension today

Organoids, Spheroids and 3D Cell Culture

Learn more about what products are recommended for 3D cell culture and analysis

3D Culture & Analysis Learning Center

Learn about protocols, methods and techniques experts in the field are using today for 3D organoids and spheroids research

Spheroid & Organoid eLearning Course

FREE interactive eLearning course developed to give participants an overview of culture and high-content analysis

Primary & Stem Cell Systems

Learn more about the cells, matrices, media, and supplements needed to create organoids and spheroids

One Cell Bio Product Guidebook

Expedite your search for the right cell biology product and give you an in-depth look at how we can help accelerate research.

Extracellular Matrices

Our Gibco products including extracellular matrices, scaffolds and proteins provide in vivo–like morphology and physiologically relevant environments for more realistic cell biology and better intercellular interactions.

3D Cell Culture Plates, Dishes and Flasks

Thermo Scientific Nunclon Sphera culture system is designed for spheroid and organoid culture with a wide selection of format from plates to dishes and flasks.

3D cell analysis

Our portfolio of characterization tools allows you to monitor the formation of your 3D models to help give you confidence that you are heading in the right direction.

Clearing Reagents for 3D Tissue, Organoid, and Spheroid Imaging

The Invitrogen CytoVista 3D Culture Clearing Reagents are optimized for 3D tissues, spheroids, organoids, and cell cultures of various thickness.