Ion Torrent focused next-generation sequencing technology provides you with the speed, scalability and precision you need to spend more time finding answers and less time looking for them. Microbial research, cancer research, complex disease research—multiple applications and comprehensive solutions, all in one NGS system.

Sharpen your focus and find answers with Ion Torrent focused NGS solutions:

Microbial research

Uncover microbial diversity, study pathogen outbreaks, and identify mutations that may be associated with antibiotic resistance. Take advantage of increased throughput, higher accuracy, and longer reads to produce rapid and accurate sequencing of microbes with streamlined sample preparation and a simple, scalable, and optimized data analysis workflow.

Cancer research

Enabling NGS analysis and discovery of multi-biomarker types (fusions, insertion/deletions (indels), single nucleotide variants, and copy number variations), Oncomine assays are part of an end-to-end workflow that includes simple, scalable sequencing with optimized bioinformatics and reporting—designed for cancer research.

Complex disease research

Our complete NGS solutions are uniquely suited to research in understanding how the combination of genetics and the environment influence development of complex diseases such as autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and many others.