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Product Theatre

NGS Solutions that Help Simplify Your Journey to Answers In Hemato-Oncology Research


This workshop highlights our latest NGS solutions for hemato-oncology research testing. See the Oncomine Myeloid Assay GX on the revolutionary Ion Torrent Genexus System, the first NGS solution that can simultaneously profile all relevant myeloid DNA mutations and RNA fusion transcripts and deliver results in a single day.

We also feature our latest immune repertoire assays for sequencing the B-cell and T-cell immunoglobulin receptors. These solutions offer breakthrough capabilities for assessing clonality and detecting rare clones in lymphoid neoplasm samples.

Scientific Poster

Characterization Of Immunoglobulin Heavy- and Light-Chain Repertoires in a Single Reaction


See how we can help simplify the workflow for clonality assessment and rare clone detection in B-cell malignancy research. Our new assays can profile B-cell receptor heavy and light chains in a single library reaction, allowing for a higher success rate in clonality detection while maintaining the ability to detect rare clones (down to 1:106).

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