Customizable. Affordable. Automated.

Is your genotyping program ready for the future?

Affymetrix is transforming genomics in agriculture with easy, flexible genotyping. With Axiom and Eureka genotyping solutions, we offer breeders and researchers an entire spectrum of powerful tools to use for any animal or plant species.

Learn about our new genotyping technologies for low- to high-plex solutions for any non-human species. Download the latest agrigenomics literature to learn more about polyploid genotyping, validation of SNPs and indels from DNA sequencing studies and our new products.

Access the latest notes on agrigenomics


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Custom designs for any species

Design a marker panel in 96- or 384-array format with Axiom myDesign custom genotyping arrays. Fully automated analysis with Axiom Analysis Suite software allows you to spend less time analyzing data and more time improving animal and plant genetics.

Expert-designed Axiom arrays

Select arrays or sub-select content from our catalog of expert-designed agrigenomics genotyping products. Our highly reproducible genotyping technology facilitates next-generation sequence (NGS) validation, marker-trait associations, and genomic selection.

Eureka genotyping solution

Eureka Genotyping Solution provides an improved and affordable alternative to traditional technologies for profiling hundreds of SNPs in hundreds to thousands of samples using NGS. Custom design panels from as few as 10 markers for applications such as parentage, traceability, and genomic selection.