Learn how cutting-edge genetic technologies are used to find the molecular drivers of cancer

Cancer is a disease mediated by genetic alterations, and as such, tools that can analyze the genome are instrumental in understanding the mechanisms that lead to cancer, detecting cancerous cells, and providing avenues to research cancer treatments. The Human Genome Sequencing project resulted in the development of many tools that both generated sequence information and used that sequence information to understand human health and disease, including cancer. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been at the forefront of development of these tools and has a broad portfolio of Applied Biosystems solutions used in cancer research.

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  • Applied Biosystems technologies and how they could be used for cancer research 
  • Molecular mechanisms of malignancy; genetic and epigenetic mechanisms 
  • New approaches to cancer detection; solid tumor biopsy, liquid biopsy and genetic tests 
  • Cancer biomarker discovery; development of vaccines and therapeutics