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Seeking ways to further your cancer research?

Let nothing stand in the way of your next discovery.

Explore additional resources for various cancer research methods, techniques, and applications.

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Did you know that our NGS workflow supports multiple applications without the need for additional systems?

Discover how the Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow can be easily applied to other areas such as epigenetics, human disease research, microbial studies, and more. Our comprehensive solution enables multiple applications on a single NGS system.

Epigenetics sequencing

DNA methylation is widely studied for its association with cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other complex diseases.

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Human disease research

Create custom panels from over 5,000 pre-tested genes most relevant in inherited disease research with Ion AmpliSeq on-demand panels for targeted sequencing.

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Liquid biopsy applications

Working with liquid biopsy samples? Discover how Ion AmpliSeq HD technology can help you detect low-frequency alleles (low limit of detection of >0.1% for cfDNA samples).

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Microbial studies

Explore targeted sequencing tools for microbial identification, strain sub-typing, antimicrobial resistance detection, and infectious disease research.

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Discover automated next-generation simplicity with integrated systems for speed and power


There is no faster or simpler way to harness the power of targeted NGS than with the Ion GeneStudio S5 systems and their plug-and-play consumables. When coupled with the Ion Chef System for library prep and templating, NGS automation is at your fingertips.

Save benchtop space—enable multiple applications with a single NGS system.

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