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Personalization is impacting every aspect of our experience as consumers, from personalized advertising to retail experiences. When it comes to nutrition, beauty, wellness, and ancestry there has been an explosion of interest from consumers in personalized recommendations; the one size fits all approach no longer applies.

The Consumer Genetics Contest is open to companies looking to personalize their products by creating a direct to consumer genetics test. The winner will receive a consumer genetics start-up package worth $25,000.

The prize includes:

$12,500 worth of Thermo Fisher Axiom custom microarrays and lab services

The Axiom Custom Array is a high-powered genotyping product with over 850,000 genetic variants, including single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions or deletions (indels), and copy number variations (CNVs). The content on the array was carefully selected and curated to include markers for ancestry, wellness, traits, and ADME for diverse populations. This prize of $12,500 will include 192 samples- worth of custom arrays and lab processing.

$12,500 worth of ixLayer technology credit

The ixLayer technology credit is designed to help your team to get started with the ixLayer solution and launch your genetic products. This includes product development, UI/UX, integration with needed genetic services, hosting of scientific interpretation and more. For more information, please visit:

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The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity: 30%
  • Viability of plan: 40%
  • Customer acquisition strategy: 30%

Content ends November 15, 2019. One winner will be selected and informed on November 20, 2019.

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