The Applied Biosystems Pathogen Interpretive Software and COVID-19 Interpretive Software are part of authorized workflows and must be downloaded prior to instrumentation use. You may download the software upon kit purchase. Labs following the authorized workflow are required to complete an eLearning course and pass an exam to download the Interpretive Software or COVID-19 Interpretive Software.

Follow the instructions below to obtain the software from your local support team:

  • Go to thermofisher.com/contactus
  • Select “Instrument Service” as category
  • Enter product name or Cat. No. and select your country
  • Contact us using the information provided

Please fill out the form to download necessary firmware and/or software files and other related documents, and be notified when the latest releases are available for your instrument.

Ensure you are using the software versions recommended in the IFU specific to your workflow, which can be found at thermofisher.com/findyourifu.

 7500 Dx Real-Time PCR System
 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
 7500 Real-Time PCR System Series
 QuantStudio 5 Dx Real-Time PCR System
 QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System Series
 QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System
 If other, please specify:
 (A49869) TaqPath COVID‑19 High‑Throughput Combo Kit for use with Amplitude Solution
 (A50883) TaqPath COVID-19 HT Kit for use with Amplitude Platform
 (A49868) TaqPath COVID-19, FluA, FluB Combo Kit
 (A49867) TaqPath COVID-19, Flu A/B, RSV Combo Kit
 (A47814) TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit
 (A47813) TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit Advanced
 (A48067 or A51738) TaqPath COVID-19 CE‑IVD RT‑PCR Kit
 (A49918) TaqPath COVID-19 Pooling Kit
 (A51606) TaqPath COVID-19 Fast PCR Combo Kit 2.0
 (A51605) TaqPath COVID-19 Fast PCR Combo Kit 2.0
 (A51333) TaqPath COVID-19 RNase P Combo Kit 2.0
 (A51334) TaqPath COVID-19 RNase P Combo Kit 2.0
 If other, please specify:

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For Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. For prescription use only. For in vitro diagnostic use. Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.