We collaborated with the Parkinson’s Institute to understand the molecular basis for Parkinson’s disease. Read about how we used stem cells to develop cellular models for understanding Parkinson’s disease.

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  • Generation of iPSCs (Paper 1)
  • Generation of NSCs (Paper 2)
  • Editing the Genome (Paper 3)

Job Role

 CEO / COO / President
 Vice President
 Dept Head
 Principal Investigator
 Medical Doctor
 Post-doctoral fellow
 Scientist / Associate Scientist
 Student / Graduate
 Research Assistant / Lab Technician
 Lab Manager
 Purchaser / Procurer

What application(s) and technique(s) do you perform at least monthly? (select all that apply)*

 Biomarker Discovery
 Cell / Tissue Culture
 Cell Isolation / Expansion
 Digital PCR
 End-point PCR
 Epigenetics / Epigenomics Analysis
 Flow Cytometry
 Gene Expression / RNA Analysis
 Gene Synthesis
 Genome Editing
 Genotyping and Genetic Variation
 Imaging & Microscopy
 Next Generation Sequencing
 Nucleic Acid Purification and Separation
 Plant Research
 Protein Analysis / Proteomics
 Protein Expression / Production
 qPCR / Real-time PCR / qRT-PCR
 Sequencing by Capillary Electrophoresis
 Stem Cells
 Western Blotting
 Whole Genome Sequencing

If you are working with stem cells, which of the following workflows do you utilize within your stem cell research work? (check all that apply)*

 Stem cell culture
 Cell Reprogramming
 Stem Cell Characterization
 Stem Cell Services
 Stem Cell Differentiation
 Stem Cell Engineering
 Cell Therapy
 None of the listed