Biopharma Amp Plot

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The implementation of molecular diagnostic (MDx) technologies has played a pivotal role throughout the coronavirus crisis. qPCR-based laboratory developed tests and in vitro diagnostic tests that detect viral nucleic acids have enabled widespread screening efforts as well as rapid diagnosis of infected individuals.

As the demand for coronavirus testing declines, an opportunity arises to expand molecular diagnostic test menus to include a variety of other targets, as outlined in this new infographic. These include respiratory, urinary, vaginal, sexually transmitted, gastrointestinal, nail, and wound pathogens, as well as antibiotic resistance markers and more.

 Respiratory tract infection (RTI)
 Urinary tract infection (UTI)
 Vaginal health
 Sexually transmitted infection (STI)
 Gastrointestinal infection (GI)
 Wound infection
 Nail infection
 Vector-borne infection
 HIV-1 viral load or drug resistance testing (HIV)
 Antibiotic resistance (ABR)
 Other—the disease / application area I am interested in is not listed here
 I am not interested in bringing any tests to my lab in the next 6–12 months

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