Learn more about the impact of pharmacogenomics

Health systems compete to deliver value to their stakeholders by providing better and more efficient care for their patients, offering up-to-date services for their team of health professionals, and meeting the needs of their major payers.

In this white paper, we show that one of the best opportunities for health systems to be competitive and reduce costs is through offering widespread use of pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenetics can reduce patient readmissions and adverse drug events as well as provide patients and physicians with better drug choices, often at lower costs. Frequently, understanding pharmacogenetics is key to better drug management and reducing polypharmacy for patients.

Very few new technologies are able to improve care while also lowering health care costs, but pharmacogenetics has that capability. With the rapidly falling costs of both lab equipment and supplies, services like in-house pharmacogenetic testing are among the most promising areas for attention and investment. In this white paper, we discuss the recent history and progress in precision medicine—powered by easy and low-cost genetic testing—and lay out some of the key considerations for health system leaders.

Download this free white paper to learn more about how pharmacogenomics impacts health system performance.

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