Whether you’re performing basic or more advance characterization, verification is always critical in pluripotent stem cell (PSC) research. We have a variety of cellular and molecular methods to help you completely and cost-effectively characterize your PSCs including:

  • Verification of pluripotency—PluriTest-compatible PrimeView Gene Expression Assays
  • Trilineage differentiation potential—TaqMan hPSC ScoreCard Panel
  • Karyotyping alternative and genotyping with a single assay—KaryoStat and KaryoStat HD Assays

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Which of the following workflows do you utilize within your stem cell research? (check all that apply)*

 Stem cell culture
 Cell reprogramming
 Stem cell characterization
 Stem cell differentiation
 Stem cell engineering
 Cell therapy or clinical research
 Stem cell services

Which of the following stem cell types do you use in your research?*

 Induced pluripotent stem cells
 Embryonic stem cells
 Mesenchymal stem cells
 Neural stem cells
 Other (please specify below)
 None, I do not work with stem cells


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