Selecting the right resin to achieve optimal results, from high-throughput batch to process-scale protein purification

Abstract: The objective of academic, biotech, or pharmaceutical scientists committed to protein purification is to obtain the purest protein needed for their application, regardless of scale.

Toward that pursuit, proper chromatography resin selection is essential to achieving a high-efficiency purification strategy, which includes optimal protein separation and minimal processing time.

In this presentation, we discuss a full suite of resins that can be utilized for microgram- to kilogram-scale purifications. Whether screening at a high-throughput batch scale to select the right target, to increasing production of that target protein from batch to process scale, we will be highlighting the technological advantages and cost savings of our full portfolio of base beads, from convenient small-scale processing using magnetic agarose to simplified scale up using the uniquely designed Thermo Scientific POROS resin bead that allows for enhanced resolution and faster processing.

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 Protein expression & production
 Protein isolation & purification
 Protein gel electrophoresis
 Western blotting
 Protein assays & analysis (protein interaction, enzyme and activity assays)
 Protein mass spectrometry
 Protein modification and crosslinking

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