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Sanger Sequencing Chemistry Guide

Download a free Sanger sequencing chemistry guide

A helpful handbook for scientists and researchers using Sanger sequencing. Learn the basic principles of Sanger sequencing, from workflow to applications.


Sanger DNA sequencing workflow

Learn about the complete Sanger sequencing workflow, from sample to answer. We offer reagents, consumables, analysis software, and instrument and technical support to address scientific questions—leading to answers and solutions.


Bite-sized answers to your everyday sequencing questions

Access free educational videos that shed light on a variety of sequencing topics, or ask your own sequencing question.

Fragment Analysis Applications for your Genetic Analyzer

Fragment analysis applications for your Genetic Analyzer

Analysis of DNA fragments enables a multitude of applications, from genotyping to bacterial identification, plant screening, and gene expression profiling. Learn more about fragment analysis applications.


5% somatic variant detection using Sanger sequencing

Applied Biosystems™ Minor Variant Finder Software allows detection and reporting of minor mutations by Sanger sequencing to call low-frequency somatic variants at 5% or below. Access the software and learn more.