Now through December 31, 2017


On TSX Series freezers or TSX freezers with Nalgene™ boxes and Nunc™ tubes

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series ultra-low freezers are designed to meet the highest protection and sustainability standards:

  • Best peak variation of energy efficient ultra-low freezers: ~+4.4/-0.4ºC
  • Low energy usage: as low as 7.9 kWh/day
  • Best overall temperature uniformity of energy-efficient ULT freezers: less than 5.2ºC with door openings; less than 4ºC without door openings1
  • 0.85ºC steady-state temperature variation over time
  • Longest warm-up time from -80ºC to -50ºC: 5.05 hours2
  • Industry leading standard warranty: 2 years parts and labor; 7 years compressor parts.

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All data based on internal data unless otherwise indicated. Data on file.

1. California Utility ULT Freezer Study, August 2016.
2. When compared to freezers of similar storage capacity.

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