Do you encounter challenges with titration?

  • Have you dealt with chemical spills or broken glassware while trying to fill the burette?
  • Ever missed the titration end point using color indicators?
  • Do you receive inconsistent results due to subjective interpretations of the end point color change?
  • Do you have to manually calculate sample concentration and log the details?

Manual titrations can be extremely challenging and frustrating, impeding your efficiency in the lab. More importantly, these issues can lead to inconsistent results, waste valuable time, and stop critical scientific analysis from moving forward.

We understand your challenges and are here to help! During this webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s application development experts will share top tips to drive accuracy, consistency and increased productivity for your titration work. We will explore applications across the food and beverage, environmental, and industrial sectors as examples of how you can improve your process, recognize cost savings, and perform your titration with more accurate endpoint detection.

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