Webinar: The human transcriptome measured in feces elucidates the pathobiology and diagnosis of environmental enteric dysfunction

Extracting robust expression data from clinical research samples represents a unique opportunity to find actionable biomarkers.

Samples such as whole blood and feces are technically challenging to work with, often of poor quality and offer only limited amounts of high-quality RNA—making it difficult to generate reproducible and informative expression data. Because of these limitations and more, scientists are demanding better expression methods for use with challenging samples in translational research studies.

In this webinar, the speakers will describe:

  • How novel transcriptome profiling assays can identify biomarkers from the most challenging samples, including feces
  • How to generate robust data from small amounts of whole blood without the need to eliminate globin mRNA
  • How to choose the right technology to get data from rare samples while preserving material for future use


Mark Manary, MD, Washington University School of Medicine

Sean Diehl, PhD, University of Vermont

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