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Explore our broad range of western blot and gel electrophoresis reagents as well as comprehensive technical resources

Download the Protein Gel Electrophoresis Technical Handbook: Everything you need to know about the workflow, from sample prep to protein gel electrophoresis and staining.

Learn more about our protein gel electrophoresis products: From high-quality pre-cast gels, pour-your-own gel systems, tanks, stains, markers, and standards, we have an extensive portfolio of electrophoresis products.

Download the Protein Transfer Technical Handbook: Learn more about the transfer process, from transfer systems to monitoring transfer efficiency, as well as tips for better protein transfer.

Learn more about our protein transfer products: We offer buffers, membranes, wet, semi-dry, and dry transfer systems for the important transfer step of the western blot workflow.

Download the Protein Detection Technical Handbook: Discover more about the western blot detection process, including different detection systems and techniques, as well as tips to improve target detection.

Learn more about our protein detection products: Explore your options for target protein detection using our hands-free devices or classical manual protocols.