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Handbook 1: Thermo Scientific 2015 New Product Guide for Mass Spectrometry

This 21-page product brochure provides an overview of our newly launched and validated Extended Mass Range Triple Quad Calibration Solution, BSA, and 6 Protein Digest Standards, Antibody Biotinylation Kit, Immunoprecipitation Kits, High pH Reversed-Phase Peptide Fractionation Kit, and Quantitative Fluorometric or Colorimetric Peptide Assays.

Handbook 2: Thermo Scientific Pierce Controls and Standards for Mass Spectrometry

This 12-page handbook provides an overview of all our calibration solutions and standards for mass spectrometry. In addition to products for calibrating your instruments, we have standards for sensitivity assessment, for the determination of digestion efficiency, and to serve as controls for complex sample analyses.

Handbook 3: Thermo Scientific Pierce Products for Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation

This recently updated 84-page handbook provides helpful hints and troubleshooting for preparation of samples from a variety of sources for mass spectrometry analysis. It covers all aspects of sample preparation, including extraction, digestion, enrichment, and cleanup of proteins and peptides—all in one volume.

Handbook 4: Thermo Scientific Pierce Reagents for Quantitative Proteomics

This 36-page handbook provides an overview of protein quantitation tools and reagents for discovery and targeted proteomics.

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 Protein expression & production
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 Protein gel electrophoresis
 Western blotting
 Protein assays & analysis (protein interaction, enzyme and activity assays)
 Mass spectrometry
 Protein modification and crosslinking
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