Molecular Probes® Education Series Online Exam

Research Area Interests *

 Cell Cycle
 Cell Proliferation
 Cell Surface Markers
 Fluorescent Proteins
 Infectious Diseases
 Live Cell Imaging
 Protein Labeling
 Secondary Detection
 Subcellular Structural Analysis

Contact Information


Mailing Address


Job Role

 CEO / COO / President
 Vice President
 Department Head
 Principal Investigator
 Medical Doctor
 Post-doctoral fellow
 Scientist / Associate Scientist
 Student / Graduate Student
 Research Assistant / Lab Technician
 Lab Manager
 Purchaser / Procurer


 Mass Spectrometry
 Cell Imaging
 qPCR / Real-time PCR / qRT-PCR
 DNA Sequencing
 Next Generation DNA Sequencing
 Nucleic Acid Purification and/or Separation
 Virus Isolation


 BioMarker Discovery
 Cell / Tissue Culture
 Environmental Testing
 Epigenetics / Epigenomics Analysis
 Food and Beverage Testing
 Forensics / Human Identity
 Gene Expression / RNA Analysis
 Genotyping and Genetic Variation
 Imaging & Microscopy
 In Vivo Research
 Plant Research
 Protein Analysis / Proteomics
 Protein Expression / Production
 Stem Cells

Q1. Which blocking reagents are suitable for immunocytochemistry? *

 PBS buffer
 No blocking needed
 Detergent Triton X-100
 No secondary antibody
 No fixation
 No blocking
 No primary antibody
 No cells
 Reduce light exposure
 Choose a more photostable dye
 Use an anti-fade mounting medium
 All of the above
 Organic dyes
 Fluorescent proteins
 Quantum dots
 Colorimetric dyes

Q4. Which of the following is an advantage to fluorescent proteins? *

 Ability to make bioconjugates
 High transduction efficiency
 Good for live cell imaging
 Not many color options
 pH 4
 < pH 7
 pH 7.2
 pH 8-8.5
 Tris buffered saline

Q6. Which reactive chemistry requires denaturing of the protein? *

 EDAC crosslinking
 Click Chemistry
 Secondary antibodies

Q8. Which kit/technology is best if my antibody contains a protein stabilizer like BSA? *

 APEX Antibody Labeling Kit
 Microscale protein labeling kit
 Alexa Fluor protein labeling kit
 Qdot Antibody Conjugation Kit
 Monoclonal Antibody Labeling Kit