Thanks for planning a DNA Anniversary event at your account

We have put together a complete event box along with recommended giveaways and literature that you may choose to add.

This form will allow you to request the materials from your local marketing group and give any details needed for customization of materials. Purchase any food and drink before your event and arrange to have any instruments you would like to highlight during the event shipped to you.

PLEASE NOTE: You must schedule your event at least two weeks in advance to allow for shipment of materials and marketing operation times.

If you have any questions, please follow the DNA Anniversary eLearn or email or for more information.


Please check collateral items that you will need for your event; quantity provided will be based off the expected number of attendees

 Posters to hand out
 Slap bands
 Lens cloths
 Keyring lights
 Magnetic whiteboards
 Watson and Crick's Nature paper
 Lead forms
 Anniversary brochure
 Anniversary promo book
 Major prize draw giveaway
 Foam core table display
 Survey forms
 Zap stand with poster game
 Answer key to trivia game
 Trivia card set

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