Join our free symposium to learn how diagnostics can help you better monitor and control respiratory diseases.

Date Wednesday, June 8
Time 12:15–13:15
Place Lansdowne room (1st floor)
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Symposium presentations:

12:15 Welcome from Thermo Fisher Scientific 
12:20 Managing respiratory disease on my farm
- Close working relationship with the veterinarian
- Monitoring and early diagnosis of problems
- Continuous focus on treatments to ensure they are working
Colin Marry, Managing Director at Perma Pigs Limited, Co Louth - Ireland
12:40 Application of diagnostics for better monitoring and control of respiratory disease
- Overview on diagnostic investigation of respiratory disease
- Key points to consider in the application of laboratory tests
- Future opportunities for health surveillance and diagnosis
Alexander W. (Dan) Tucker, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge - UK
13:00 Overview of Applied Biosystems™ diagnostic solutions for porcine diseases
- Real-time PCR and ELISA solutions for major porcine diseases
- Their application in monitoring and control programs
Nardy Robben, Global Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, The Netherlands

Poster on display

Monitoring of European PRRSV strains using sequencing technologies
The aim of the present study was to monitor circulating PRRSV strains throughout Europe using capillary ORF7 sequencing and NGS technology.

Meet our experts at booth #E9 and discover our advanced diagnostic solutions

Prevalent species disease testing
We provide more than 200 solutions in ELISA and PCR that are rapid, simple to run, and highly reliable. Diagnostic tests are available for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, swine influenza virus, porcine circovirus type 2, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, classical swine fever virus, and African swine fever virus.
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