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Genome Editing

From precision genome editing and gene modification technologies to high-efficiency delivery systems, we have developed a broad range of solutions to help you create the modified genes, expression systems, and stable cell lines you need for your research—from culturing cells to modification, then detection and analysis. Our featured technologies include Flp-In™ and Jump-In™ protein expression systems, RNAi with siRNA and miRNA, and the latest tools including GeneArt® Precision TALs and CRISPR. In addition, we can deploy a combination of advance technologies to produce a custom construct or cell line that meets your specifications.

TALEN-based genome editing

Transcription activator–like (TAL) effector proteins are produced by bacteria in the genus Xanthomonas, which are widely distributed plant pathogens. Natural TAL effectors bind to specific sequences of host DNA, altering the infected plant’s gene expression in ways that further the disease process. The natural TAL effector proteins have two distinct domains: an effector domain and an extraordinarily specific DNA-binding domain. Read more...

Cell Engineering & Genome editing webinars learning module

In this synthetic biology webinars module, our scientists and collaborators will cover cell engineering in particular technologies, techniques, and applications. The webinars are designed to give a basic framework for learning these technologies. Each webinar also provides background information, data analysis, and helpful tips from our experienced technical support scientists and collaborators.