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Whether you’re new to protein expression or looking to optimize your protein expression techniques, don’t miss your chance to access this valuable self-paced training to boost your skills.

This go-to educational resource combines an immersive lab environment with an interactive content designed to guide you at the bench on the optimization strategies and protocols needed for the rapid generation of milligram-to-gram quantities of secreted or intracellular recombinant proteins for therapeutic, functional, and structural studies.

Modules 1 and 2 are now available and cover topics such as:

  •  Overview of recombinant protein expression methods
  •  Setting up an effective protein expression lab
  •  Selecting an expression system
  •  Optimizing expression in a 293-based system
  •  Knowledge test
  •  And more…

New content and modules will continue to be added, so bookmark the site and check back often.

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