What is changing for Matrix MicroScience customers?
Effective June 1, 2012, all Matrix MicroScience product orders must be placed with Life Technologies Corporation or its local affiliate.  You will have the option to order online or by phone, fax, or email.   

Technical support and service will be provided by Life Technologies effective June 1.

If you previously ordered from a local Matrix MicroScience distributor please continue to do so unless you are notified otherwise.
Country specific contact information for ordering and technical support can be accessed at lifetechnologies.com/contactus

Where do I address purchase orders?
Effective June 1, purchase orders should be addressed to Life Technologies Corporation or its local affiliate and no longer to Matrix MicroScience.

Is there anything else I need to do prior to ordering from Life Technologies?
If Life Technologies Corporation or its local affiliate is not set up as a vendor at your institution, you or your procurement department will need to do so before ordering. 

Find your Life Technologies vendor setup information

Will purchase orders addressed to Matrix MicroScience be accepted after June 1?
No. Purchase orders will need to be issued to Life Technologies Corporation or its local affiliate in order for your order to be processed.

Will the Matrix MicroScience products remain the same?
There will be no change to the Matrix MicroScience products; however, you may notice that the packaging has been updated.

Are there any changes to shipping and handling charges?
Matrix MicroScience orders will be subject to Life Technologies shipping and handling charges.

To help ensure product quality in both hot and cold weather, Pathatrix® beads will be shipped in insulated containers with cold gel packs rather than at ambient temperature.

Will there be new contacts with whom I need to work?
Your Matrix MicroScience Sales Representative will remain the same.  Effective June 1, please contact your local Life Technologies office for Customer Service and Technical support.