Your total workflow solution

Specialized products, professional services, and support for customers in biologics-based production settings. We offer total workflow solutions, including reagents and test kits, genetic analysis instrumentation, and process improvement consultation.

Genotyping and gene-expression profiling solutions for plant/animal research to identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits.

Range of diagnostic ELISA and PCR test systems for the most economically important production animal diseases.

Single-use technologies, media and cell cultureware, purification systems, and process/product impurity analysis.

Scalable tools, services, and partnership support for companies researching and developing healthcare and other biotechnology solutions.

Cross-belt online composition analyzers, elemental and particle size analyzers, and analytical sampling solutions.

Over 46,000 products in multiple sizes & purity levels, including organics, organometallics, metals, catalysts, and biochemical reagents.

Products for separation, seamless integration with mass spectrometry, and data management and analysis solutions.

Support, expertise, collaboration, and customization solutions for drug discovery research and development.

Scanning and transmission electron microscopy solutions for life science research, materials science, semiconductors and other industries.

Products for environmental monitoring, including particulate monitoring and water and soil analysis.

Solutions for food and beverage analysis, weighing and inspection, and authenticity and labeling, including food microbiology testing.

Portable analysis instruments, lab equipment, and kits for human identification and narcotics and trace evidence analysis.

Analysis solutions for geochemistry and geology, including geochronology, biogeochemistry, and climate change research.

Instruments for flow, density, and level measurement, process mass spectrometers, moisture and sulfur analyzers.

GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-MS, IRMS, and GD-MS instruments and software solutions for industry and research.

Technologies, instruments, equipment and software for research and analysis of materials from metals to ceramics, batteries to petrochemicals.

Food microbiology testing, microbial culture, detection, and identification, specimen collection and transport.

Products for drug discovery and development, diagnostic development and testing, and pharma manufacturing solutions.

Portable and personal detection solutions, dosimetry monitors, environmental monitoring, and x-ray and neutron generators.

Portable, personal analytical instruments to detect and identify hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives, and radiological threats.

Instruments and technology solutions for efficient qualitative and quantitative analysis of trace elemental species and isotopes.