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Meeting today’s veterinary diagnostic needs, innovating for tomorrow’s challenges

Accelerating today’s monitoring of animal health is what you do best. Advanced diagnostic testing is how you get there. Dependable chemistry, flexible platforms, government-licensed testing solutions—they’re all critical in setting new farm animal testing standards. And it all must work together. Rapidly and accurately. Because timely diagnosis of just one sick animal can ensure the health of an entire herd and protect a producer's livelihood.

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Blog: Foot-and-mouth disease – an ongoing threat to livestock around the globe

Learn how diagnostics can help keep your herd healthy and safe from FMD.

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Check out an extensive list of solutions we provide for protection of your herd from bovine diseases, including solutions for the detection of bluetongue virus, paratuberculosis/Johne’s disease, Q-fever, and many more.

The entire line of Applied Biosystems MagMAX sample extraction solutions are built on a foundation of proven performance and innovation for the future. They combine decades of research, investment, and industry expertise into a robust, cutting-edge offering from the world leader in serving science.

Check out an extensive list of porcine diseases to learn more about them and the solutions we provide to help protect your herd from them.

Whether your lab’s needs are simple or complex, or you are new to PCR testing or have been designing assays for years, our easy-to-use master mixes can help you feel confident in your results.

Being able to properly identify and monitor diseases of dairy cattle is an important step in preventing side effects. Most diseases can be easily tested for. Once the cause is identified, a plan can be made for control, eradication, or prevention.

Recommended in the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics guidelines, our proprietary VetMAX Xeno IPC solutions offer labs a verification layer to help ensure that the qPCR test results delivered to their customers are accurate and actionable.

The presence of FMD is a significant economic threat to the livelihood of the livestock industry due to the resulting culling of herds and restriction on meat exports from affected areas. Domesticated species, cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats are susceptible to FMD.

Food safety is an important consideration for consumers, and food derived from animals presents unique safety challenges. In particular, there are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, which place an increased responsibility on producers, manufacturers, and food retailers to ensure adequate food safety throughout the entire supply chain.

Check out an extensive list of porcine diseases to learn more about them and the solutions we provide to help protect your herd from them.

You may recognize them under a different name, but our proven solutions for BSE, FMD, bluetongue, BVD, PRRS, and tuberculosis continue to deliver rapid, accurate results you can count on.

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