TSE Devices

An efficient, economical homogenization system

The PrioGENIZER™ homogenization device and the PrioCLIP™ homogenization container form an efficient tissue homogenization system. This economical solution allows simultaneous processing of up to eight samples, allowing for up to 480 samples to be homogenized per hour.

The system has been approved by the European Community Reference Laboratory for the homogenization of tissue samples for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) testing, using the Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP™ and Prionics®-Check WESTERN tests.



PrioGENIZER™ homogenization device—a robust and compact instrument that enables homogenization of tissue samples. Samples are put in PrioCLIP™ homogenization containers and placed in a rack that can hold up to 8 containers per rack. The rack is then inserted into the homogenization device, where all 8 samples can be homogenized for up to 99 seconds at a maximum of 24,000 rpm. The tray in the PrioGENIZER™ device has the capacity to hold 6 racks. The tray can be easily removed and placed in the storage system until further processing of the homogenates is required. This user-friendly interface allows easy operation and setting of 9 individual programs.

Related PrioGENIZER™ accessories:

PrioCLIP™ container

A durable, economical homogenization container designed exclusively for use with the PrioGENIZER™ device. The PrioCLIP™ container is user-friendly, with an ergonomic shape allowing single-handed manipulation of the lid. The mouth is wide, facilitating the convenient transfer of tissue samples and collection of homogenates.
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After homogenization, up to 48 samples (6 racks) can be transported from the PrioGENIZER™ device on a single tray.
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One rack holds 8 PrioCLIP™ homogenization containers, and a single tray can accommodate up to 6 racks.
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Storage System

a trolley that provides convenient storage and transport of up to 6 trays (288 samples).
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Interpret PrioSTRIP™ results with speed and reproducibility

PrioSCAN® reader—a one-button solution for the fast readout and interpretation of PrioSTRIP™ and PrioSTRIP™ SR results. Results are stored as a PDF file and can be conveniently exported to an Excel® spreadsheet or most laboratory information management systems. The automated process helps to ensure rapid and reproducible interpretation of results, even in high-throughput laboratory environments. An entire 96-sample plate can be analyzed in one run. The PrioSCAN® reader detects the blue lines on the strips of the PrioSTRIP® combs and translates the information into digital data. The data points can then be reviewed and interpreted with PrioSCAN® analysis software.

Collect samples with greater ease and safety

Sampling spoons—available in steel or plastic, these spoons have been primarily designed for the sampling of brain tissue. After removing the head from a cattle or sheep carcass, the applicable slaughterhouse personnel can use the spoon to remove a sample of the brain stem through the foramen magnum. The spoon was designed to meet the requirements of slaughterhouse operation, and incorporates sharp edges that facilitate easier removal of brain tissue through the spinal cord canal. The spoon’s long handle also increases the distance between personnel and animal tissue, helping to reduce the chances of contact with tissue during the sample collection process.