Enable the right qPCR test result the first time

Timely diagnosis of one sick animal can help ensure the health of an entire herd, protect a producer's livelihood, and safeguard a lab's business. Workflow optimization helps you stay ahead of the evolving disease landscape, but introducing changes can result in adding unwanted costs and complexities to a diagnostic testing environment.

Easily integrated into any workflow, our proprietary VetMAX™ Xeno™ Internal Positive Control (IPC) products offer labs a verification layer to help ensure that the qPCR test results delivered to their customers are accurate and actionable, by helping to eliminate costly false negatives and the potential for false positive signals.

Confidence in results

Recommended in AAVLD guidelines, the Xeno IPC is a component of our USDA-licensed VetMAX™-Gold kits. The Xeno IPC assay has been successfully benchmarked against millions of genomes including those relevant to animal health diagnostics.


Available as individual IPCs and assays, our portfolio of solutions includes RNA and DNA IPCs, compatible with VIC™ and LIZ™ dye channels, as well as kit options to support a wide range of low- and high-throughput requirements.

Easily integrated

Easily integrated into most diagnostic testing environments, Xeno IPC solutions can be used with Applied Biosystems™ workflow products as well as other commercial master mixes, sample prep kits, and lab-prepared assays.

Xeno IPC workflows

Include Xeno IPC in the lysis solution used for nucleic acid isolation, to serve as a positive control for recovery of nucleic acid. Add the Xeno IPC and Xeno IPC Assay in the qPCR reaction setup as an amplification control.


VetMAX Xeno IPC performance study

This application note details the performance of Xeno Internal Positive Controls (IPC) with variable thermal cycling conditions and enzymes. The quantitative PCR (qPCR) experiments were performed to provide data showing whether Xeno IPC is capable of amplifying effectively when multiplexed with complex assays using a variety of master mixes, as well as a range of annealing temperatures and times. These conditions were meant to replicate a variety of common scenarios at animal health molecular testing labs.

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For Veterinary Use Only.