Johne's Disease Diagnostic Solutions

The role of diagnostic tests in battling paratuberculosis


Johne's disease, also known as paratuberculosis, is a global health issue affecting ruminants and is a result of an infection with Mycobacterium avium spp. paratuberculosis (MAP). Primarily affecting cattle, sheep, and goats, this disease can lead to severe production constraints and substantial economic losses within livestock populations due to its lengthy incubation period, which makes diagnosis challenging. By offering accurate and reliable diagnostic solutions, we aim to assist producers, veterinarians, and researchers in effectively managing and controlling Johne's Disease outbreaks.


The key to controlling the disease lies in the early detection of subclinical disease in animals. These animals can excrete the organism over extended periods, posing an infection risk to the rest of the herd. Utilizing a combination of diagnostic methods such as ELISA and real-time PCR tests can aid in identifying and isolating these "shedders" at an earlier stage, thereby mitigating the risk of infection to other healthy animals in the herd.


Our diagnostic solutions offer reliable and accurate results, providing an essential tool in the battle against paratuberculosis.

PrioCHECK MAP Ab 3.0 Plate Kit

The PrioCHECK MAP Ab 3.0 Plate Kit is an updated, easy-to-use ELISA kit for the detection of antibodies against MAP/paratuberculosis which cause Johne's Disease. Optimized for high performance and efficiency in the lab, the improved kit is now operating on a universal protocol across compatible species and sample types. This means no more juggling different protocols for different species; our kit simplifies your workflow while maintaining high precision.

Our PrioCHECK Paratuberculosis Ab 3.0 Plate Kit is engineered to streamline your laboratory work with a host of practical features:

  • Choose between a short 45-minute incubation or a longer 16–20 hour incubation to fit seamlessly into your schedule and workflow
  • Enjoy the convenience of room temperature shipping conditions, simplifying the receipt and storage process
  • The kit caters to both individual and bulk milk samples, offering versatility in your testing approach
  • Whether testing a small batch with our 5-plate kit (440 tests) or a larger batch with our 30-plate kit (2,640 tests), we've got you covered
  • The kit operates on a universal protocol across compatible species and sample types, eliminating the need for separate kits for different species

PrioCHECK MAP Ab 2.0 Plate Kit

The PARACHECK 2 Kit is a solid phase, indirect enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect antibodies to M. paratuberculosis in animal sera and milk of cattle, sheep, and goats. The PARACHECK 2 procedure for 96 determinations (including controls) takes approximately 80 min and consists of four steps. In the first step, the samples are diluted and incubated in a diluent buffer containing M. phlei to remove cross-reacting antibodies. In the second step, specific antibodies present in the diluted samples bind to M. paratuberculosis antigens coated to the wells of a microtiter plate. Unreacted proteins are removed by washing. A secondary antibody that is conjugated to an enzyme that generates a color signal is added in the third step. In the fourth step, the presence of specific antibodies is visualized by adding the enzyme substrate. The intensity of the color signal is proportional to the amount of antibodies in the sample.

VetMAX M. paratuberculosis 2.0 Kit

Real-time PCR enables sensitive and specific detection of pathogen nucleic acid in animal samples, allowing for reliable and rapid screening and detection of infected animals.


The VetMAX M. paratuberculosis 2.0 Kit kits include:

  • A ready-to-use mix that includes a set of oligonucleotides for detection of the target gene OR these separate components that will need to be mixed together: a set of oligonucleotides for the detection of the target gene + a TaqMan real-time PCR master mix + an RT enzyme (only for RNA kits)
  • An external positive control of the same nature as the target (inactivated bacteria or virus). Use as a quality control for PCR and/or extraction yield.
  • An internal positive control (exogenous) to be added at the time of extraction. Use as a quality control for extraction yield.
  • A quality control certificate



How has Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (MAP) been monitored in Saxony, Germany and how did real-time PCR perform in field testing? Presentation of Dr. Christina Boss, senior product manager of Dairy Solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses the findings in the presentation of Dr. Andrea Konrath, Health and Veterinary Research Institute of Saxony, given at the Bacteriology AVID-Tagung in September 2015.




PrioCHECK MAP Ab 2.0 Plate Kit

The Applied Biosystems PrioCHECK MAP Ab 2.0 Plate Kit is the second generation of the first-approved Johne’s disease test that has been successfully used worldwide for over two decades. The test is used for both cattle and small ruminants. The PrioCHECK MAP Ab 2.0 Plate Kit is a high-throughput paratuberculosis test for cattle and small ruminants that combines speed and ease of use with a high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

Real-time PCR kits

The VetMAX real-time PCR tests are part of a fully integrated, single-vendor workflow that includes the Applied Biosystems MagMAX system for sample preparation and extraction and the Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System.

VetMAX MAP Screening Kit

The Applied Biosystems VetMAX MAP Screening Kit is a fast and accurate tool for the detection of MAP in feces samples of multiple species. The VetMAX MAP Screening Kit is registered by the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (FLI).

VetMAX M.paratuberculosis 2.0 Kit

The Applied Biosystems VetMAX M.paratuberculosis 2.0 Kit is a screening real-time PCR test for the detection of MAP in multiple matrices and species.

VetMAX MAP IS900-F57 Kit

The Applied Biosystems VetMAX MAP IS900-F57 Kit offers rapid and specific detection of MAP and is used for epidemiological surveillance and the identification of shedding animals. In one single real-time PCR reaction you have two answers—screening and confirmation.

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