A portfolio of bovine tuberculosis diagnostic solutions recognized by the OIE and FLI

Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a major infectious disease that affects the lungs and lymph nodes of ruminants, and can spread from animals to humans via aerosols or through the consumption of unpasteurized dairy products from an infected animal. An outbreak of bTB can contribute to significant economic consequences as a result of reduced milk yields, culling of herds, and restrictions on meat exports from affected areas.

In our continued effort to be a leading provider of farm animal diagnostic solutions, we're proud to announce that Prionics™ solutions such as BOVIGAM™ assays are now available through the trusted Thermo Fisher Scientific product portfolio. BOVIGAM bTB diagnostic solutions are approved by the OIE and FLI. Our portfolio provides the only source for all official OIE-prescribed bTB tests. This comprehensive selection of bTB diagnostic solutions includes tuberculin purified protein derivatives (PPDs) for cattle skin tests, and the interferon-γ tests (BOVIGAM assays), which can be used separately or in combination with skin tests to yield objective, highly reliable results. The Applied Biosystems™ VetMAX™ M. tuberculosis Complex Real-Time PCR Kit can then be used to confirm suspicious results.

The BOVIGAM™ TB Kit is the only bovine tuberculosis, interferon-γ in vitro assay that is OIE-registered, and has been validated by the OIE as the primary, stand-alone test for screening and confirmation in bTB-infected areas.

A world free of bTB may be realized when an appropriate combination of diagnostic tools such as our tuberculin PPD test, BOVIGAM kit, and VetMAX Real-Time PCR kit are implemented to meet the goal of a bTB program by increasing test sensitivity and/or specificity according to local needs. The optimal application of testing schemes can help avoid unnecessary culling and lengthy farm closures, and may eventually help eliminate the occurrence of bovine TB worldwide.

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Proven solutions that adapt to your unique bTB testing needs

Thermo Fisher Scientific solutions are at the forefront of bovine tuberculosis diagnostics, and their performance has been recognized by a variety of authorities worldwide such as the OIE and FLI. The comprehensive bTB diagnostic portfolio—which includes BOVIGAM assays, stimulation antigens, VetMAX Real-Time PCR kit, and tuberculin PPDs for skin testing—forms a unique combination of diagnostic tools that can be used in various applications to increase test sensitivity and/or specificity according to your unique testing needs.

To learn more about the specific arrangement of test solutions that best fit your requirements, please review the product literature below.

BOVIGAM kits—the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has approved the registration of the BOVIGAM TB Kit in the OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals 2015. It is the only bovine tuberculosis, interferon-γ in vitro assay that is OIE-registered, and it has been validated by the OIE as the primary, stand-alone test for screening and confirmation in bTB-infected areas. This diagnostic kit is used for bTB detection in cattle, sheep, goats, and buffalo, and is widely used in tuberculosis surveillance programs in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

The test offers:

  • Rapid diagnosis to help improve herd management
  • Optimal analytical sensitivity for bTB detection
  • Objective and reproducible results
  • Help in reducing costs and length of farm closures

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BOVIGAM 2G—an updated version of the BOVIGAM test that delivers the same reliable quality, along with M.O.R.E. benefits:

M = More robust with improved repeatability for borderline samples
O = One component substrate
R = Reduced costs per animal due to flexible test capacity
E = Easy to use due to streamlined protocol

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VetMAX M. tuberculosis Complex Real-Time PCR Kit—reliable diagnostic solution for the rapid diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

Helps reduce costs for bTB programs

  • Uses one PCR reaction to detect all seven strains of the M. tuberculosis complex
  • Single-well duplex format

Fast and simple to use

  • Time from sample preparation to result is ~3 hours, compared to up to six weeks for the classical M. bovis culture
  • All components in one kit

Confidence in results

  • Includes Applied Biosystems™ VetMAX™ Xeno™ Internal Positive Control help prevent false signals from nonspecific targets
  • Diagnostic sensitivity of 96.6% and specificity of 98.1% in a French field study

Tuberculin PPD skin test reagents—our tuberculin PPDs have been used to manufacture the World Health Organization (WHO) reference standard, and are available in a kit for single intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin (SICCT) test and single cervical tuberculin (SCT) test.

  • Unique double matching ensures actual potency of Bovine Tuberculin PPD is higher than Avian PPD, and their difference does not exceed 500 IU/dose
  • Meet European Pharmacopoeia monograph requirements
  • Validated for use in animals starting from 0 days of age
  • Manufactured in one of the world’s largest tuberculin production sites
  • Delivered in a convenient, cost-efficient method (may be transported at +2 °C - +37 °C for up to 14 days)

For more information, or to place an order for our Tuberculin PPD skin test reagents please email orders@prionics.com or phone +41 44 200 20 00